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Flies from 2007

Winter 2007: Black Midge

Black Midge
Black Midge
Hook: 12 - 16 (Grub)
Head: White Hi-Vis
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Body: Uni-floss & monofilament
Tail: White Hi-Vis
Varied weather conditions prevailed during the winter months. Five falls of snow, quite a few heavy frosts and some much awaited rain, which filled all our dams.

Most of the trout caught during this period averaged about 750gms. Quite a few bigger fish were caught later in August. There were some superb Midge hatches late evening. The Flys that had the most success were Woolly Buggers, Midge Pupae and small Nymphs such as Pheasant Tails and Seals Fur patterns.

With warmer weather approaching and good quality water, anglers can look forward to excellent spring and summer fishing.

The fly featured for Winter 2007 is the Black Midge.

The diagram below illustrates the various stages of the midge throughout its life-cycle. The black midge fly imitates the midge from the larva to pupa stage (stages 5 - 8). The fly pattern illustrated is very versatile. Floatant can be added to the fly and leader to represent an emergering midge adult, or if the trout are feeding sub-surface, no floatant is used and the fly can be fished through the entire water column.

Midge Life-Cycle

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