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Flies from 2008

Summer 2007/08: Woolly Bugger

Olive Green Woolly Bugger
Woolly Bugger
Hook: 8 - 12
Head: Gold Bead (optional)
Body: Olive Chenille & Grizzly Hackle
Tail: Olive Marabou & Crystal Flash
Cooler conditions prevailed and good falls of rain created the perfect fishing haven. Guests who visited during this period were pleasantly surprised.

There was an abundance of insect activity with prolific midge hatches. Trout averaging 1.5 kg were caught mainly on Woolly Buggers (any colour), Dragon Fly (late summer), midge and emerging nymphs.

The Fly featured for Spring is the "Woolly Bugger". The woolly bugger is suggestive of a wide variety of food such as green damsel fly nymphs and small fish.

We have recorderd the most successful flies used at Uncle Billy's since 2003. There are over 20 different flies which have been featured on the website. To view flies from other months, choose from the list below: