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Spring 2006: White Moth & Hares Ear Emerger

White Moth
White Moth
Hook: 10 - 16
Thorax: White Hackle
Wing: Cut goose quill
Body: White thread
Tail: White hackle fibres
The flies featured for Spring are: White Moth & Hares Ear Emerger.

Very mixed weather conditions prevailed during the early part of Spring, with virtually no rain falling. The water quality in the lakes is excellent although the water was, and is, very clear making fishing more challenging.

Most trout were caught on Nymphs & Woolly Buggers during September. Towards the middle of October there was lots of insect activity with Dragon Flies, MayFlies, White Moth, Flying Ants (Black & White) and Midges hovering over the lakes. Trout that were in the depths seem to be feeding mainly on snails and crayfish. Buzzers also had success.

Hares Ear Emerger
Hares Ear Emerger
Hook: 14 - 16
Thorax: Black Cul de Canard
Body: Natural Hares Ear
Tail: Brown Pheasant Tail
Early November, with changing weather conditions, Fly patterns changed to Emergers. Although there was a lot of insect activity late in the afternoon, most fish were caught in the middle of the day. One fisherman had the most success on a Midge pupa and another had success with a Shaving Brush (an Emerger pattern).

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