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Flies from 2007

Spring 2007: Hares Ear Emerger

Hares Ear Emerger
Hares Ear Emerger
Hook: 14 - 16
Thorax: Black Cul de Canard
Body: Natural Hares Ear
Tail: Brown Pheasant Tail
The Fly featured for Spring is the "Hares Ear Emerger".

Anglers experienced exciting fishing during Spring. La Nina presented itself in October and has continued to bring heavy rainfall to our area. These conditions created the perfect Fly Fishing haven. Anglers were successful at catching trout on almost any type of fly. An Angler, fishing at Uncle Billy's for the first time, caught his first trout on a Dragon Fly. He was stoked! (View the Autumn 2007 fly for a similar pattern.)

Rainbow trout ranging in size from 750 gms to 4.4 kg were caught during spring. The Flys that had the most success were tiny black midge, various types of nymphs, emergers and woolly buggers. There is every indication that summer fishing will be the best we have seen for many years.

We have recorderd the most successful flies used at Uncle Billy's since 2003. There are over 20 different flies which have been featured on the website. To view flies from other months, choose from the list below: