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Flies from 2003

September 2003: Head & Shoulders Emerger

Head & Shoulders
Head & Shoulders
   Hook: 12 - 16
    Thorax: Dubbed CDC & Hackle
    Wing: Two/Three CDC tips
    Body: Stripped grizzly neck quill
The fly featured this month is the "Head & Shoulders Emerger", which was presented in the Autumn edition of FlyLife magazine by Peter Leuver. This fly works very well at Uncle Billy's when the trout are feeding on emerging midges from the surface. (Also see FL#33 - "Backcasts" for more information on this fly used recently at Uncle Billy's.)

September 2003 has lived up to its tradition as being the 'windy month'. Evenings have been calm with a mass of midge hatches. There has been a geat deal of other insect activity including black beetles and water fleas. Some trout have been caught on Red Tag (March Fly of the Month), but the Midge pattern (June Fly of the Month) has been the most successful.

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