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Flies from 2005

October 2005: Hare & Copper

Hare & Copper
Hare & Copper
Hook: 10 - 16
Body: Hare dubbing
Ribbing: Copper wire
Tail: Hare mask fibres
The fly featured this month is the "Hare & Copper".

At last our weather pattern seems to have stabilised with 56 mm rain recorded for October. Quite a few storms, with the trout feeding in the depths and just below the surface. Fish were caught mainly on Woolly Buggers, Mrs. Simpson and Emergers. The Fly that had success was the Hare & Copper Nymph.

This fly was also featured in June 2004, and is a classic nymph pattern which can have many variants. Unweighted it can be used just below the surface to imitate emerging insects, or it can be weighted with a gold-bead (or bug-eyes) to really stay on the bottom. The bug-eye version is often used as the weighted fly when fishing with tandem flies.

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