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Flies from 2003

November 2003: Hamills Killer

Hamills Killer
Hamills Killer
Hook: 8 - 12
Head: Black thread
Underbody: Red thread over lead &
  Golden pheasant tips
Body: Green Hamills feathers
Tail: Black fox tail fibres
The fly featured this month is the "Hamills Killer". This fly works well as a "searching" pattern, especially when there is no surface movement. Best results can be achieved using a weighted version of the fly (lead underbody), or a sinking/intermediate fly line.

Uncle Billy's experienced extreme weather conditions during November 2003. Very warm weather and also very cold with some late frosts. With the warmer weather the Trout move into the deeper water and more success can be achieved by using a weighted fly. Over the past few weeks there has been late afternoon hatches of small brown insects.

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