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March 2006: Hardy's Favourite

Hardy's Favourite
Hardy's Favourite
  Hook: 8 - 10
  Hackle: Guinea fowl
  Wing: Pheasant tail barbs
  Body: Peacock herl
  Ribbing: Red floss
  Tail: Orange hackle/Guinea fowl
The fly featured this month is the "Hardy's Favourite".

Mild autumn weather prevailed during March, with only 1/2 an inch of rain recorded. There was a lot of insect activity on the lakes late in the afternoon. Trout were mainly caught on Woolly Buggers and Nymphs. The Hardys Favourite also had success. With cooler weather predicted, fishing should be very good over the next few months.

The Hardy's Favourite was adapted from an English wet fly as tied by J. J. Hardy of Hardy Brothers, Alnwick, England. It is believed that this transformation took place in northern California around the mid 1920s.

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