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Flies from 2004

March 2004: Small Brown Beetle

Brown Beetle
Brown Beetle
Hook: 10 - 16 Grub
Head: Black Thread
Body: Brown Possum dubbing
Wingcase:  Dark goose quill
The fly featured this month is the "Small Brown Beetle".

Autumn has arrived at Uncle Billy's with the trees changing colour and the evenings are becoming cooler creating much better fishing conditions. With the cooler water the trout have moved from the bottom of the dams and have started to feed prolifically. There is lots of insect activity on top of the water. Many fish have been caught on a floating line with a sinking tippet using a very small olive green and black nymph. A tiny brown beetle fly has also had success.

Another version of the beetle fly was presented in the February 2003 Fly of the Month.

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