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Flies from 2005

June 2005: Bead-head Olive Stonefly

Bead-head Olive Stonefly
Hook: 10 - 14
Head: Gold Bead
Thorax: Green yarn & hackle
Body: Hare dubbing & wire rib
Tail: Brown hackle
The most successful fly this month was the Bead-head Olive Stonefly.

The first week of June was relatively mild, with the bigger trout staying in the deeper water. The latter part of June proved very cold with snow and 100 mm rain recorded. On Thursday, 23rd June, 2005 the maximum temperature was only 2 degrees Celsius. With the colder conditions the fish started to move more and quite a few big fish (up to about 7 lbs.) were caught, mainly on nymphs.

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