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Flies from 2004

June 2004: Hare & Copper

Hare & Copper
Hare & Copper
Hook: 10 - 16
Body: Hare dubbing
Ribbing: Copper wire
Tail: Hare mask fibres
The fly featured this month is the "Hare & Copper".

June 2004 has been very cold with snow falling earlier in the month. There have been many frosts with morning temperatures below zero degrees. There hasn't been a lot of surface activity as the fish seem to be feeding mainly on snails. The Fly that has had the most success was the Hare & Copper Nymph. Flashbacks (see April 2004 Fly of the Month) and Woolly Buggers (see February 2004 Fly of the Month) also proved popular. Quite a few bigger fish have been caught during the last week.

The Hare & Copper is a classic nymph pattern which can have many variants. It can be weighted with a gold-bead (or bug-eyes) to really stay on the bottom. The bug-eye version is often used as the weighted fly when fishing with tandem flies.

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