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Flies from 2003

June 2003: Chironomid Midge (Buzzer)

Chironomid Midge
Chironomid Midge
Hook: 12 - 16 (Grub)
Head: White Hi-Vis
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Body: Uni-floss & monofilament
Tail: White Hi-Vis
The fly featured this month (June 2003) is the Chironomid midge or buzzer. This fly seems to work well all year at Uncle Billy's, as the midge throughout its life-cycle (larva, pupa and emerging adult) provides a staple diet for the trout.

Several flies have been working this month, with the black bead-head woolly bugger (similar to the April Fly of the Month) having the most success. The foam beetle pattern has also work well this month. The bigger fish seem to still be in the deeper water, although they have started to move up into the channel in front of the jetty, which is normal for this time of year. Fish up to 3kg have been caught this month.

The weather has been very, very cold, with a few frosts and light snow falling at Ben Lomond during one weekend. Uncle Billy's received 22mm of rain on the Friday before the snow.

Midge caught Rainbow The Rainbow Trout in this photo (right) was taken on a black midge during the middle of the day. The small fly (size #16) can be seen in the top jaw of the fish. This versatile fly pattern can be fished during the day, well below the surface (imitating a midge pupa or larva), or near the surface using fly floatant (imitating the emerging adult) during a midge hatch. Other successful colours of this fly are brown and orange.

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