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July/August 2006: Black Midge

Black Midge
Black Midge
Hook: 12 - 16 (Grub)
Head: White Hi-Vis
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Body: Uni-floss & monofilament
Tail: White Hi-Vis
Anglers brave enough to visit Uncle Billy's during winter were rewarded with excellent fishing. Many healthy rainbow trout averaging 1.2 kg were caught mainly on wet fly. Towards the end of August, warmer days arrived and there was more insect activity on the surface of the water and several fish were caught on dry fly. Flies that had the most success were Woolly Buggers, various types of Damsel Nymphs and Midge.

The Dry Fly featured is a Black Midge. The pattern illustrated is very versatile. Floatant can be added to the fly and leader to represent an emergering midge adult, or if the trout are feeding sub-surface, no floatant is used and the fly can be fished through the entire water column.

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