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Flies from 2005

July 2005: Daniel Dodd's Damsel Nymph

Daniel Dodd's Damsel Nymph
Damsel Nymph
Hook: 10 - 12
Eyes: Preformed mono eyes
Body: Rabbit dyed golden olive
Wing-case: Olive dyed herl
Tail: Rabbit dyed golden olive
The most successful fly this month was the damsel nymph. Daniel Dodd's Damsel Nymph resembles this fly very well.

About 25mm rain was recorded for July. Cool frosty nights and unusually warm days prevailed. Water quality at our main lake is excellent. Fishing was good with fish ranging from 750 grms to 2.2 kg caught. There was very little surface activity, so most of the trout were caught on Olive Green Woolly Buggers and Nymphs. The Damsel Nymph had the most success.

David Dodd, originally from the UK, is a well-known fly tying expert from Ballarat who conducts fly tying classes for beginners and advanced fly-tiers; and also ties flies on a commercial basis. From the book "Australia's Best Trout Flies" (Crosse & Sloane, Fly Fish Australia Inc.), David writes, Damsels, like the mayfly nymphs, must also be recognised as an important food source, especially as the mature nymph begin their emergence and start their journey to the shore. He also writes, ... I believe that an underwater artificial, such as a nymph, should be as exact a duplication of the natural as possible. This I have found to be especially true in clear water, where the trout has the opportunity to scrutinise the offering. This last statement is particularly relevant to Uncle Billy's where the water clarity at Yoolimba is very high.

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