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January/February 2006: Mayfly Nymph

Mayfly Nymph
Mayfly Nymph
  Hook: 12 - 16
  Thorax: Peacock Herl/Hare Dubbing
  Wingcase: Pheasant Tail/Pearl Flashabou
  Body: Wrapped Pheasant Tail
  Tail: Pheasant Tail fibres
We have a combined report for January and February this month. The fly featured is the "Mayfly Nymph".

Weather conditions for this period have been very warm. Most trout were caught in the deeper water on a Hammils Killer (which is a must have in an angler's fly box, when visiting Uncle Billy's), although a few were caught on an emerging nymph.

6 inches of rain fell during January and good rain has already fallen in February. All our dams are at maximum level, which is great leading up to Autumn.

On cooler evenings the trout fed on insects just below the surface. There have been masses of dragon flies hovering on the edges of the lakes and swarms of ants have also been observed.

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