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Flies from 2003

January 2003: Black Bead-Head Nymph

Black Bead-Head Nymph
Black Bead-Head Nymph
Hook: 12 - 16
Head: Small gold/black bead
Body: Black hare dubbing
Tail: Black pheasant or hackle
Uncle Billy's has experienced some very hot weather during January 2003. Local Fly Fishing identity, Craig Rogers, did some guiding earlier in the month and he recommends the "Black Bead-Head Nymph" for the current conditions.

As outlined in an article in Issue #30 of "FlyLife" magazine, "Stillwater Nymphing", nymphing can be the most successful form of fly fishing when conditions are less than ideal. Using a bead-head nymph will get the fly down near the bottom of the dam where fish may be feeding, away from the warmer surface-layers.

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