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Flies from 2004

December 2004: Adult Damsel Fly

Adult Damsel Fly
Adult Damsel Fly
Hook: 8 - 12
Body: Blue foam
Wing: Parachute saddle hackle
Tail: Gudebrod braid - blue & black
The fly featured this month is the "Adult Damsel Fly".

Weather conditions in December 2004 were good with 149 mm rain recorded. Overcast weather and stormy afternoons create really good fishing conditions. Lots of medium size trout were caught near the jetty with an occasional large trout caught in the deeper water from the boat. The fly that had the most success was the Black Beetle(see February 2003 Fly of the Month for an example). There has been lots of damsel fly on top of the water and the fish appear to be feeding on these late in the afternoon.

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