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Flies from 2008

Autumn 2008: Mrs Simpson

Mrs Simpson
Mrs Simpson
Hook: 8 - 12
Head: Black Thread
Underbody: Rayon Chenille (Brown)
Body: Mrs Simpson feathers
Tail: Black possum tail
Weather conditions during Autumn were very dry, although a cold snap in April produced our first fall of snow for the year. Approximately 2" covered the ground. Mild weather followed.

Fishing conditions were superb with lots of insect activity. Dragon Fly and Midge were prolific in March and continued throughout April with the addition of Stick Caddis and Emerging Nymphs. Cooler conditions arrived in May and the fish were mainly caught on Mrs. Simpson, Elkhair (ShavingBrush), Bead-head nymphs and Buzzers. Evening fishing seemed to produce the most fish.

Trout from 750gms to 4.4 kg were caught, with the average size being 1.5kg.

The Fly featured for Autumn is the "Mrs Simpson". This pattern is a wet fly and is best fished with a sink or intermediate flyline. Generally, short, sharp retrieves produce strikes, but sometimes a slow, sinking retrieve can be more productive.

We have recorderd the most successful flies used at Uncle Billy's since 2003. There are over 20 different flies which have been featured on the website. To view flies from other months, choose from the list below: