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Flies from 2007

Autumn 2007: Adult Damsel Fly

Adult Damsel Fly
Adult Damsel Fly
Hook: 8 - 12
Body: Blue foam
Wing: Parachute saddle hackle
Tail: Gudebrod braid - blue & black
The fly featured for Autumn is the Adult Damesel Fly.

Weather, so far this Autumn has been perfect. Cool evenings, warm days and good falls of rain. During the first month of autumn fishing was challenging. This was partly due to the warm weather. The trout continued to be in the depths of the lakes. A few frosts occurred during April. Water temperatures dropped creating exciting fishing. Large numbers of trout were caught averaging between 1 and 2½ lbs. Caddis, Nymphs and Mrs. Simpson proved the most successful.

With the temperatures continuing to drop, fishing should improve with more of the bigger fish moving into the shallows. The water in the lakes is very clear making sight fishing appealing. Early May, saw lots of insect activity during the day with the trout feeding on Damsel and Dragon Flys.

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