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Flies from 2004

August 2004: Black Midge

Black Midge
Black Midge
Hook: 12 - 16 (Grub)
Head: White Hi-Vis
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Body: Uni-floss & monofilament
Tail: White Hi-Vis
The fly featured this month is the "Black Midge".

Weather conditions have improved with rain and warmer days recorded towards the end of August 2004. The quality of water at our main lake is excellent. Some midge hatches have occurred and the tiny Black Midge Fly has proved successful. Other flies including Red Tag, small Olive Green Nymphs and Hammills Killers have worked. Very good fishing recorded with a few brown trout and many rainbows from 1 kg to 3.5 kg caught.

The diagram below illustrates the various stages of the midge throughout its life-cycle. The black midge fly imitates the midge from the larva to pupa stage (stages 5 - 8).

Midge Life-Cycle
Midge Patterns There are a wide variety of midge patterns available, varying in all types of colours and patterns, but usually small profiles are the most successful.

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