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Flies from 2003

August 2003: M.R.E.

    Hook: 14 - 20
    Head: Gold bead & Red steelhead
    Thorax: Peacock herl
    Wing: White calf tail
    Body: Olive Hares Ear
    Rib: Feather barb & Gold wire
The fly featured this month is the "M.R.E. (Meal Ready to Eat)". This fly was featured in the Autumn edition of Flylfe magazine by Peter Elks. Peter recently fished Uncle Billy's and used the M.R.E. very successfully.

The fly that has had the most success this month, was the brown bead-head woolly bugger (similar to the April Fly of the Month). Other successful flies were green bead-head woolly buggers, black nymphs and midge patterns.

The weather has still been cold with about 38 mm rain recorded for the month. Uncle Billy's has also experienced some very windy conditions. Quite a few bigger fish have been caught during the latter part of August, up to 3½kg.

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