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April 2006: Flashback Nymph

Flashback Nymph
Flashback Nymph
Hook: 12 - 16
Thorax: Crystal flash
Body: Peacock herl
Legs: Brown hackle
Tail: Black hackle
The fly featured this month is the "Flashback Nymph".

Cool nights and clear days arrived at Uncle Billy's Retreat during April. Over Easter, the days were perfect with hardly a cloud in the sky. At night the temperature dropped considerably. Fishing was most productive around 10am. Once the water temperature increased slightly, the insects, and then the fish, became more active. The water quality in Yoolimba was crystal clear and fish could be seen cruising the shoreline.

The most successful fly used was the flashback nymph. Brown and green were the best colours, and those fished with a gold bead and an intermediate line proved the most successful. Other successful flies were olive woolly buggers and black nymphs.

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