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Flies from 2005

April 2005: Buzzer

Hook: 10 - 14
Thorax: Covered in clear epoxy
Wing Buds: Fluorescent orange floss
Body: Holographic tinsel
Rib: Black thread
The fly featured this month is the "Buzzer" or "Chironomid midge". This fly seems to work well all year round at Uncle Billy's Retreat. This month, imitations of the pupa stage proved most successful. Real chironomid pupae move very slowly and this pattern should be fished almost static, allowing the line to merely drift along on the breeze. Also see June 2003 Fly of the Month for more information.

Anglers have enjoyed very pleasant Autumn days, and experienced excellent fishing. Numerous types of flies have worked including Woolly Buggers, tiny Black Beetles, Nymphs and Buzzers.

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