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Flies from 2004

April 2004: Flashback Nymph

Flashback Nymph
Flashback Nymph
Hook: 12 - 16
Thorax: Crystal flash
Body: Peacock herl
Legs: Brown hackle
Tail: Black hackle
The fly featured this month is the "Flashback Nymph".

After 2 months of hot dry weather the much awaited rain fell, recording 25mm over a couple of days. With the rain, cooler weather has arrived making for better fishing conditions.

Fishing has been quite good during April 2004 with a fair few trout caught on dry fly, including Royal Wulff and Red Tag. Hammills Killers, Woolly Buggers, Flashbacks and Emerging Nymphs have also proved successful.

Waterboatmen During Easter, cruising trout were caught using black and brown "flashbacks" in the shallows. These trout were mainly feeding on waterboatmen (pictured right). Often fast strips would produce a strike, as the flashbacks resemble these fast swimming insects. The waterboatmen are approximately 2 - 8mm in length and live at the edges of the lake among vegetation.

(Image: "The Waterbug Book", J. Gooderham & E. Tsyrlin)

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